My Sweet Little Studio

This weekend I’m saying “goodbye” to my sweet little studio in the Utah Pickle Factory, and “hello” to my brand new SHOP!!!

Before I fully jump into this new season of my life/business, I want to make this one final post for the old one, and as I’m doing so I’m absolutely stunned by how different everything is today than it was even three months ago when I did this video and photo shoot. I’ve heard it said that in life we go through seasons, and I fully believe I’m coming out of a Winter, and into a Spring. It’s fun looking back at the Spring of moving into the Pickle Factory with a bunch of my friends, and all of the good times and the growth that I had there, and seeing how it ran it’s course, and I’m back into the next Spring of my life. I’ll post more about my new shop soon, and all of the new changes my business is growing into right now, but first, here’s to the Pickle Factory and the last 2 years of my twenties.

I had the most fun opportunity to do an ad campaign in my old studio with Zagg, and a photo shoot with Ashlee Brooke, and I’m so glad that I did, right before so many changes!

This little space will always have a special place in my heart!