Any styling book or personal shopper will tell you that you should have a good supply of high-quality, well fitting staple pieces in your wardrobe at all times.  You know, the basics that fit you perfectly and won’t go out of style in just a few months.  These are the classic pieces that you can count on to keep your look grounded when paired with trendy styles, and you always know they are there to keep you looking put-together on the days when you just don’t know what else to wear.  These are some of my favorite pieces to design.  I want to give you high quality, well-fitting clothing that are worth investing in, and to me that means you should have customizing options so you can make sure you are spending your money on exactly what you want! Here are some basics that I have created.  I would love to make your own version of any of these designs, or even create a new design for you.  Please contact me to talk about other design options!